Новости лауреатов 2018


15-16 November 2018, Moscow
«Woman Who Matters» is the first Russian Award,
aimed at identification and promotion of companies' best projects,
practices and programs concerning women's accomplishments, ambitions and rights.
The program of the Award aims at bringing together organizations, companies, institutions and individuals that have successfully achieved significant results in women's rights, achievements and ambitions promotion.


To create the world's first
business environment,
dedicated to the women-oriented projects

To exchange international
experience in the field of women

To combine experience
and knowledge all over Russia
To promote women


The projects, aimed at keeping a workplace during maternity leave, programs to enable women to reconcile work and upbringing, mother-child joint action, motherhood classes, apps or services that help to find a babysitter or a tutor, innovations in transport/ clothes /accessories for the children. Services that help to optimize family responsibilities (e.g. concierge services) regarding searching for schools, kindergartens, babysitters, tutors, summer camps, planning vacation, etc.
business and service
The projects, aimed at the employee development in the companies, organization of business trips and hosting events abroad in order to share experience in the field of women's initiatives, conferences in the field of women's entrepreneurship, apps for doing business, mentor consultations on doing business, corporate cabs for women.
IT and modern technologies
The programs, promoting professional IT literature for women, women's conferences in the sphere of IT, contests and grants on a creation of your own mobile app, open lectures (including international ones), free refresher courses within the companies.
Diversity & Inclusion
The practices, demonstrating good results in creating inclusive space and working conditions for women, disabled persons, people of different age groups, generations, cultures; building a corporate culture of diversity and inclusion
The science and education
The projects, aimed at the development of educational environment for women, the support for women in science and scientific research, employee training and development programs, educational programs for women both inside and outside of the company.
and culture
An image of a woman in contemporary art, literature, cultural initiatives, created by women or for women
Sport and a healthy lifestyle
Inspirational projects, programs, marketing campaigns, aimed at the implementation of sports in every woman's life and in lives' of disabled persons: open workouts in the central city parks, sports channels on social networks, sports companies' collaborations with famous designers, accessible healthy restaurants/cafes.
architecture and urbanistics
The projects and programs, aimed at the support for women's participation in the environmental renovation through tenders, refresher courses for employees, international contests; the projects on the creation of an enabling environment for women.
Social activity
Women's projects on providing assistance to the people in need: environmental improvement, creating new social directions, charitable foundations, public and religious organizations. The support for women's social activity through the funding, barter transaction and partnership.
creative industry
The programs and projects, aimed at the development of women in the creative sphere: brand-artist collaborations, open lectures, provision of space for exhibitions.
Women's projects, aimed at the establishment of small enterprises in the spheres of education, health and social services and the programs to support women in business.
health and medicine
The projects on the support for the health and free medical assistance for women: wellness programs, free consultations with the doctors, actions in support for prevention and control of serious women diseases, mobile apps for health monitoring, thematic activities. Activity of pharmaceutical companies as a separate business branch regarding women.
Beauty Industry
The projects, aimed at the maintenance of woman's beauty through innovative beauty products and food, thematic publications on the Internet/ in the press, in beauty points.
Fashion & Style
The projects, aimed at the promotion of women in the fashion industry and improving their self-esteem: collaborations with famous women, holding non-standard fashion shows, innovations in women's clothes and in clothes for disabled persons.
mass media and blogs
The projects and programs, aimed at psychological and information support to women through online journals, open blogs on the Internet (Instagram, Facebook and any other social network), thematic publications, online contests and actions for women and girls.
The projects, aimed at providing women's safety, accessible legal services, safety of women's health.


Participation declares the possibility of submitting applications in two categories of the award