Russian experts

Olga Bulatova
CEO of the Academy of Business EY, RU
Marina Pochinok
Personnel Management Expert International Olympic Committee, RU
Alena Popova
Co-Owner and Co-Founder in StartUp Women, RU
Tatiana Mineeva
Vice-President of the All-Russian Public Organization "Business Russia", RU
Natalia Filimonova
Director of the State Budget Organization of the Moscow city "Women's Business Center", RU
Tatyana Bachinskaya
Executive Director of the Center for the Development of Philanthropy "Soprichastnost", the editor-in-chief of the "Business and Society" magazine , RU
Darius Bikbaeva
Author of the best-selling books "Turn on the heart and the brains. How to build a successful creative business ", Author of the project - business creative festival" Total Soul ", RU
Olga Reinhold
Coach consultant "Creating a personal brand, brand culture, culture within the company", RU
Tatyana Akimova
Founder of the Women's Business Club "EnergyGo" Author of the book "Sister to sister. Inspiring women's business stories ", RU
Olga Yakovleva
Founder of the international community Women Entrepreneurs "Academy of Experts" and the Business Club "Online Business in Women's Affairs, RU
Victoria Pavlova
Vice President of marketing and communication department, MasterCard, region of fast-growing markets
Светлана Грохотова
Член правления РО IWF, руководитель компании «Телестар. Нэт», посол Российского Красного Креста, попечитель БФ «Старость в радость»

FOREIGN experts

Nicki Norman
Director of Services, Women’s Aid Federation, UK
Gianna Avellis
President of the Italian Women’s Association, Italy
Jenifer Lewis
Associate Professor "Nazarbayev University", KZ
Carla Singer
President and Executive Producer of Carla Singer Productions, USA
Assel Zhanasova
Director of the Digital Technology International Financial Center, Astana (IFAC), KZ
Asely Sydykova
CEO and co-founder of Global Business Forum, Republic of Kazakhstan


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