15-16 November 2018, Moscow
In the framework of the Award the Forum will be held, where the representatives of international professional associations and public organizations and the leading experts in the field of women will be sharing their experience and will be discussing the ways of solving the current problems. The roundtables and discussion tables will be held in the framework of the Forum.


Science and Education: IT and modern technologies
Successful woman: TOP-5 world examples
Maternity and child care
Women's Entrepreneurship
Sport and HLS
Women's Safety
Medicine and Psychology
Diversity and Inclusion - TBD Inclusive Work Environment (Best place to work for Women, etc)
Women's organizations and communities
Business and service. Business cases
Architecture and Urbanism
Blogs and Media
Social activity and charity
International Practices

Each of these topics is the "Woman Who Matters" Award Nomination.
Nominations' subcategories are required from the Organizing Committee of the Forum and Award and are included to the document "Regulations".


The coverage of the women-oriented companies' projects, created for women
The coverage of the most relevant and the brightest projects, created with the women's participation
The attraction of attention to the women's contribution to various spheres of life
The popularization of the experience of women who have achieved success in various fields


With the successful entrepreneurs and women
entrepreneurs who are on the verge
of setting up a business
With the companies on Top-500 list,
including top management
With the representatives of the largest
international women's organizations
With the companies that implement the projects on the support for women both in the companies and in the society
With the women who occupy
leading positions in
companies, HR and
marketing directors
With the State Officials, who are connected with the strengthening of the role of women in career and in society
With the potential job seekers, celebrities and bloggers
With the companies that do research about women in business and that practice gender diversity


Informing the society about the projects and programs on the support for women
An opportunity to increase the brand loyalty
Advertising and provision of goods and services
Networking and new acquaintances
PR and the promotion of the companies' projects in the media

Our offer

of your own
PR and outdoor
of Speaker

the target audience

Case studies of top 500 companies
  • Companies that implement projects on the support for women both in the company and in the society and that do research on women in business in Russia
  • Companies that implement projects on the support for women in the world
Women top management
  • Women who occupy the leading positions in companies (CEO, VP, HR, MD)
  • Women who organize projects on the support for a women and her rights in different countries
FORUM participants
  • Successful and famous women
  • Psychologists, experts in the field of health and beauty, fashion and style;
  • Men who implement projects and activities on the support for women
  • The leaders of public organizations and initiatives in the strengthening of the role of women
forum visitors
  • Women who search for a job
  • Successful women entrepreneurs
  • Public and state organizations, the media

outdoor advertising

What awaits the participants

Corners with the companies' products and an opportunity to exhibit goods and services
Online Broadcasting
Online application to organize business meetings in the framework of the event
The Real Cases Solutions, presented by the representatives of Top-500 companies
Lunch with Vip Speakers
Participation in business sections
Speeches, made by the leaders of the industry
Gala dinner in the framework of the Award 2018
Ideas for the women-oriented projects and possibilities of their joint implementation


Participation declares the possibility of submitting applications in two categories of the award