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At EY, we are committed to building a better working world — with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms, and greater collaboration.

We want to build a better working world through our own actions and by engaging with like-minded organizations and individuals. This is our purpose — and why we exist as an organization.

Running through our organization is a strong sense of obligation to serve a number of different stakeholders who count on us to deliver quality and excellence in everything we do.

We want to use our global reach and scale to convene the conversation about the challenges facing economies and the capital markets.

When business works better, the world works better.
IWF-International Women's Forum

The International Women’s Forum is a unique organization comprised of more than 6,500 dynamic women leaders in thirty-three countries and seventy-four forums around the world. IWF members span careers, cultures and continents, however they are wholly aligned in their commitment to building better global leadership.

The heart of IWF is vibrantly represented at global meetings held annually. There is no other organization in the world that continually convenes such an extraordinary network of women leaders, provides exposure and access to such a broad and diverse audience of female decision-makers, while delivering cutting edge programs that explore topics impacting international progress, business, economics, ecology and enterprise.
Association of Women Entrepreneurs

The Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Russia includes new jobs, programs for the development of women's entrepreneurship, training, retraining and advanced training, an information database on enterprises and organizations headed by women, business communication and exchange of experiences between them, as well as environmental programs, Children, family development, children's institutions, services, and much more.
Since 1997, the Association has been holding all-Russian competitions, the purpose of which is to identify and encourage talented leaders, to nominate them to the highest levels of executive and state power.
Women's Association SKOLKOVO

Participants of the SKOLKOVO Women's Association: Graduates and students, teachers, employees, experts and mentors of the SKOLKOVO business school The mission is to unite Women from the SKOLKOVO business school, to become a base that helps to combine the image of a successful business woman and a happy woman to achieve personal success and change The world around you for the better, and also inspire men to become even more successful. Goals: 1. BUSINESS: To provide comprehensive support to women in business development, accelerating career growth and promoting successful business projects in the media. 2. FAMILY: To promote the maintenance and development of traditional family values. 3. ATTITUDES: To become an example of respectful and trusting relations between a man and a woman. 4. SPORTS, CREATIVITY: To promote the development of sports activities, the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the disclosure of creativity.
Union of Women's Forces

Union of Women's Forces (SGS) - a public organization, naturally formed by women of the Russian Federation for the promotion and development of their civic initiatives and individual projects of national importance. The workplace of SGS is the Internet resource "Allied women.rf", which helps to unite all women's organizations, unions, associations, clubs, parties, movements, as well as individual women who want to contribute to the prosperity of our country.

Women's Leadership Forum

A community of successful women, each of whom is the leader of opinions: in the company, in business, in his environment. The goal is to support and promote women leaders, share experiences, knowledge and inspirational success stories. The forum was created to inspire and support women in the pursuit of self-realization and development.
"Women's League" of the Russian Jewish Congress

The Women's League of the Rivers is a new branch of the congress that unites women entrepreneurs participating in charitable projects of the Jewish community. The chairman of the Women's League is financier, philanthropist, member of the Bureau of the Presidium of the RJC Alina Gonikman.

"You know how men are brothers in arms, so we are sisters of mercy and we are engaged in targeted help to sick and socially weak people," A. Gonikman said. "We pay special attention to war veterans, juvenile prisoners of concentration camps, as well as to disabled people, people who resist destructive blows, but not broken, striving to live a full life."
BUSINESS on heels

The authors and presenter of the federal project "BUSINESS ON KABLUKA" Women's Success Strategy "- Olga Kuznetsova and Natalia Kanivets.

The birth of this project began with an idea that in the process became our MISSION: To attract the best experts and introduce effective world technologies to create successful Russian women's business and its promotion.

The project "BUSINESS ON KABLUK" is designed to achieve the following goals:

Creation of an open platform in the online and offline space for the consolidation and integration of women entrepreneurs;
Implementation of programs for the successful combination of business and family responsibilities;
Promoting business and cultural interaction of Russian entrepreneurs with foreign colleagues;
Creating new opportunities and improving the situation of women entrepreneurs with children;
Holding congresses, forums, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, competitions and other events to promote successful women's business;
Implementation of training programs for women starting their own business, programs to create new jobs for women with children, with restrictions in health or after graduation.
International Women's Club of Moscow

The International Women's Club of Moscow is a social organisation, offering expatriate women and men in Moscow a chance to meet new friends, feel at home in their new city, take part in weekly activities and join monthly meetings. 

The IWC Charities Fund is a non-profit organisation and part of the International Women's Club. Our aim is to help those in need and we've been doing it in Russia since 1988. We are fully supported by the donation gathered via various IWC Charities events, organized through the year. Thanks to generosity of IWC members and friends, we can support children in poor, unstable families and orphanages. We also help elderly and destitute. Our Donation Office collects and redistributes second hand items).
Career for Women

The educational project "Career for Women" was created in 2014. It is dedicated to women's corporate career. We believe that a successful women's career can be built for a long time. We believe that a woman can be a happy mother and at the same time realize her natural potential in a professional environment. We collected everything about the women's career in one place.
PSRC "World of Women"

Resource center for women "Your life is in your hands."
Carries out:
- the work of the Resource Center in the field of working with women
- enlightening work with the population in the field of increasing legal literacy and civil liability
-Creation of a "roadmap" for organizing the work of resource centers aimed at the prevention and prevention of domestic violence, as well as a methodical guide for women living in the Kaliningrad region, subjected to violence

I'm in!
Public organization "Patriots of Russia"

Public organization "Patriots of Russia" is a patriotic organization of girls who publicly implements socially significant projects.

Make sincere care of your country and society a fashionable and prestigious occupation.


Organization of patriotic activities;
Creation of unique media patriotic projects;
Propaganda responsible attitude to animals;
Conducting educational activities aimed at raising the level of literacy and love of Russian literature;
Support for traditional family values;
Promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Psychologies (Russia)

Project on Psychology (magazine and site)
PSYCHOLOGIES explores new ways that help to find answers to the most important life issues and move towards the main goal - "Find yourself and live better."

Our feelings, interests, desires and thoughts, relationships with ourselves and other people, the most unexpected opportunities to discover and realize ourselves, take care of our health, well-being and beauty are all PSYCHOLOGIES themes.

PSYCHOLOGIES magazine was created in France and over the last decade has become the most successful and dynamic publishing project in Europe. Today it is published in 8 countries of the world, including - since 2005 - in Russia.
Women’s Health (Russia)

Women's Health - about a healthy way of life in a fashionable glossy format. The magazine covers topics that are relevant to every girl - beauty, proper nutrition, sex and relationships, fashion and, of course, fitness.
PASSION.RU - the most authoritative
A female site with a 16-year history
Top Beauties Moscow

Top Beauties Moscow is a large-scale project presented in the format of the beauty show fashion show.
The purpose of the project: organization of district Beauty Contests at the best venues of Moscow and Moscow Region;
The purpose of the contest: selection of girls who can adequately present the rating of Moscow Beauties at the final show TOP BEAUTIES MOSCOW 2017
Youth public organization "MIR"

All-Russian Youth Public Organization "WORLD" is a group of enterprising young people who aim to create a peaceful and patriotic education of young people on the examples of Russian heroes. Heroes, in the understanding of the MIR activists, are people who made a significant contribution to the development of science, art and technology in Russia. The main task of the organization is to provide young people with information about the exploits of peaceful heroes, so that they have an example to follow. The goal of MIR's activities is a bright future and a peaceful sky overhead.

"What do we want?" Happy present and future. Peace and prosperity on Earth for all of us, our families, our children. Honesty, mutual understanding and friendship. A strong roof overhead, a work worthy of pay, education for children. Reverence of old age, concern for the health of all. And, of course, Love and Harmony! "Activists say.

"PEACE" is oriented not only to famous people, but also to the people of our country who are doing good deeds. To do this, there is the direction "Encyclopedia of Good", in which activists of "MIR" daily look for information about such people. And in order to bring this information to as many people as possible, information resources were created - MIA "MIR" and the channel "Studio 1M".

National Banking Journal

National Banking Magazine (NBJ) has been published for thirteen years. Not so much compared to the pillars of business journalism - the Wall Street Journal, The Banker, Forbes - but enough to conclude: the magazine took place. During these years, he turned into a rostrum, the most prominent persons of the Russian political and economic sphere consider it a matter of honor. For thirteen years, the NBJ, without interruptions and disruptions, acquainted readers with the current topics of the financial and credit industry, exclusive interviews with representatives of regulators and successful banks, sensational investigations, analysts and commentaries.
Business pro


Authors and presenters of television programs are general directors of companies, presidents of banks, prominent industrialists and entrepreneurs. Together with their guests, they share the best experience in the field of organization of a particular business, discuss PRACTICAL issues of management and solving problems that arise daily for entrepreneurs and managers.

TV channel PRO BUSINESS broadcasts 24 hours a day. In the cable networks AKADO, Beeline, Megafon, MGTS, MTS, NETBYNET, TTK, as well as in SPB TV, Smotreshka, Yandex TV, Classmates and Smart TV (MEGOGO, TV Break, etc.). Topics of the channel: economics and finance; Marketing and advertising, business on the Internet, sales management, modern technologies, company management, the secrets of success from the first persons, business and society, and many others. In the interprogram space, viewers receive a poster of the leading business events for a month ahead, advertisements, announcements of programs, weather forecasts.

The coverage of the channel is about 4 500 000 subscribers. TV viewers who watch the TV channel on an ongoing basis and have their favorite programs are 250,000 people. Basically, these are businessmen and top and middle managers, with two or three higher educations, and incomes above the average, high and very high.
PR News

PR News - the leading company in the field of communications research. The company has been operating on the market since 2006 and provides a full range of services for media monitoring, media analytics, communication research and consulting.

In 2016, PR News celebrates its 10th anniversary. Over the years, the company has come a long way and the successful development of the business has become possible due to the continuous improvement of the quality of services, the development of expertise in various industries and methods of work, the use of advanced technologies for data collection and analysis, an individual approach to each client.
The company "Garant"

The company "Garant" is one of the leading information companies in Russia. She is the developer of the computer legal system GARANT and the complex of information and legal support (IPO).

Currently, with the help of IPO GARANT, hundreds of thousands of specialists throughout the country solve their tasks. Access to open information legal resources, supported by the company, has millions of citizens. The company has implemented innovative solutions using the latest computer technologies, the Internet, mobile devices, interactive data presentation format, and satellite technologies. This allows anyone who needs legal information to quickly and accurately find it, while at the same time in any part of the country.

In the early 90s of the last century, the first operators of the market worked almost blindly, in a complete information vacuum. The company "Finance-Analytic", created in 1994, assumed the task of providing the participants of the stock market with prompt and accurate information on issuers, quotations of securities, relevant news. "Finance-Analyst" starts publishing a specialized daily bulletin "Investor's portfolio". Investors made a significant part of transactions on the stock exchange in 1994, based on the information published in it.

By the end of the 90's, Finans-Analyst focused on brokerage services, received a license from the FCSM, became a member of NAUFOR, IFAC, MICEX, RTS. Later, the ticker, which was assigned to Finance-Analyst in the RTS-FINAM trading system (Finance Analyst and M-Moscow), will become the name of the popular financial site, and then (in 2002) and the investment holding.

The investment holding "FINAM" includes Finam (Russian broker), Finam Bank, Finam Management, FINAM GLOBAL investment fund and FINAM training center
"BOSS. Business: Organization, Strategy, Systems »

Published since 1997

"BOSS. Business: Organization, Strategy, Systems "is a monthly more than a hundred-page political and economic edition for heads of enterprises of the real economy, municipalities and regions.
BDO (Russia)

At the end of 2015, BDO Unicon took the 5th place in the jubilee ranking of Russia's audit and consulting groups, prepared by the RAEX agency (Expert RA).

BDO is declared the "Network of the Year" at the annual International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) awards ceremony for 2015 and won the international award Payroll World Awards 2015.

RUBEZH is the first Russian lifestyle lifestyle magazine on security. First of all, it is addressed to integrators, equipment suppliers, officials and employees of specialized services.

The mission of the magazine is to look at the security systems market through the eyes of readers. The magazine tells about the life of the industry and what is happening around it. We closely follow the news related to the security topic. In addition, RUGBEZ is a regular participant of Russian and international exhibitions, public forums, conferences.

The magazine offers readers complete and up-to-date information: expert opinions, interviews, reviews of technical solutions, reports from events, practical recommendations of specialists. The magazine is distributed throughout the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. RUBEZH is read in such cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Sochi, Saratov, Kazan, Minsk, Almaty, and others.

Some of the journal's headings are designed as interactive, formed on the basis of the wishes of our readers. The editors are open to dialogue and are always grateful to the readers for their feedback. The possibilities of the journal are the capabilities of its audience. We invite experts and specialists of the security equipment market to cooperate.
Magazine «Strategy»

Magazine «Strategy» is a periodic business publication covering issues and trends in the development of the state, business and society.

Journal Strategy:

Provides exclusive and up-to-date information on the implementation of the economic Strategy of Russia;
Conducts discussions on reforms and bills necessary for a sustainable future of Russia;
Analyzes federal and regional programs and projects;
Assesses the possible prospects for the development of science and technology, affecting both business and social life;
Tells about the decisions directed on increase of an overall performance of bodies of the state and municipal management.
The publication is filled with articles, comments and opinions of civil servants, top managers of the largest Russian and international business structures, famous scientists, representatives of educational structures and public organizations, leading experts and consultants in sustainable development.
The electronic newspaper "Vek"

The electronic newspaper "Vek" is reliable information about all significant political, economic, cultural, social, religious and sports events in Russia and abroad. Along with the author's materials in the newspaper there is a constant news line, information in which is updated online.
The magazine "Expert

The magazine "Expert" is one of the most influential weekly business analytical publications in Russia. For 20 years of its existence in difficult political and economic conditions, the edition managed not only to survive and preserve its readers, but also to expand their circle, having earned the reputation of undisputed leader of the Russian business journal. All our knowledge and experience are aimed at helping Russian companies in their development, helping them to orient themselves in the complex world of modern economy and business. is the leading Russian mass media in the field of advertising, marketing and PR. Has been successfully developing since 1998, it has many professional awards, including the "Brand of the Year". Daily provides its readers with the most up-to-date information on the situation in the advertising industry, the media and the consumer market.
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