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Master Class

Master classes in the framework
of the «Woman Who Matters»
Forum and Award
Woman master-class


A woman master-class is a new for Russia format to integrate practical workshops and business breakfasts with interesting public figures. The idea came up in the framework of founding the "Woman who matters" Forum and Award, which a great number of  iconic women, who certainly have something to share with the world, was interested in.

That is why we decided to organize master classes, which will be held for 5-10 people.

An expert in the field, an interesting public figure, a woman who has something to share with the world will be holding such master classes.

The main thing about the project is practical orientation, an opportunity to learn something new and to practice new skills immediately.

management of women's team
public speaking
Business Etiquette
The Art of Photography


It is a social nonprofit
photography project
about outstanding
women from different
organizations and their stories.
There is an ispiring story
behind each of these
amazing women.
We have decided to share
these women's stories
with the world.
The idea is to capture the woman's beauty in different spheres in one
photography project. We want to show that every woman is beautiful in her own way, regardless the state, the status
or the social role. Beauty
must be the source of
Outstanding women that inspire!

The project will be being done in the format of taking pictures using dramatic cinematography techniques. A woman will be wearing a symbolizing the blank sheet of paper white shirt, that shows the woman's beauty and also demonstrates a classic image of successful women who have different and unique stories.

Being natural and sincere, the heroines of the project will be shown in various life situations, and there will be no setting or artificial poses.

Project concept
  1. The Portrait Photography Exhibition
  2. The creation of a book with women's photos
  3. A short video interview that contains 5 questions

- decorating the exhibition for the "Woman Who Matters" Forum and Award (; 
- holding a photography exhibition in Moscow galleries;
- bringing the project to the international level;
- posting on the Forum and Award official website;
- publications in the Forum and Award's and our partners' social networks;
- publications and the media coverage: Cosmopolitan, Business-magazine, TV-program,,, «Rabotnitsa» magazine, 7ya.ру, the “YU” channel, «Tochka TV» channel. The list of media is being updated constantly;
- outdoor advertising;
- cooperation with the information partner on an online platform.


I. Any company, commercial or non-profit establishment, state institution, association can participate in the project if it can present a story about an outstanding woman.

II. To become a participant, an organization has to send an inspirational story (not more than 2000 characters) and to attach 2-3 photos 
of a female employee about whom the organization would like to tell. One organization can 
delegate only one participant in 2018.

III. The stories will be selected in accordance with some certain criteria, that is formed by the Forum and Award Committee and that includes the suitability for the project's mission, the presence of the woman's impressive achievements, her willingness to share the story with the society.

IV. Materials should be sent to the following E-mail: before September 1,st.

*The project is non-commercial and does not imply any organizational fees and payments.


Taking into account the global trends in gender equality, promotion of women's rights, focusing on women's activities, their self-development, the support for them and the ideal of equal working conditions, we have paid attention to how many beautiful and outstanding women surround us in everyday life.

We want everyone to see this beauty!

We are sure that on every place on Earth, in every house and in every company there is a woman you would like to tell about. We want to gather such companies and to support women who deserve attention.

Join us to talk about great women, to tell the whole world the stories of outstanding women and to support the project.

The project "You are beautiful, know it!" is a non-profit project. Any information and financial support is highly appreciated.



Participation declares the possibility of submitting applications in two categories of the award